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Professor Uta Frith

Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Development, University College London; Visiting Professor, University of Aarhus

Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology, Social Psychology and Organisational Psychology, Developmental and Educational Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology

Autism and dyslexia have been my main research interests over the last 50 years. I have attempted to identify the core problems of these neuro-developmental disorders at the cognitive level and made connections from cognitive mechanisms to underlying brain systems and studied their function and dysfunction. I have also made connections from cognitive mechanisms to behavioural phenomena and have shown that they change as a result of compensatory learning.

Currently I am thinking and writing about cognitive mechanisms that underlie our everyday social interactions, and in particular the automatic ability to take into account others' mental states. I now spend more time on science communication and on the promotion of women in science. I am pursuing this through sponsoring women in informal networks, using social media and contributing to documentaries.

Past appointments
Professor of Cognitive Development University College London (1996 - )
Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Development University College London (1998 - )
Visiting Professor, Interacting Minds Centre University of Aarhus (2012 - )

Principal publications
Autism: A Very Short Introduction, 2008 Oxford University Press
Autism and Talent, 2010 Oxford University Press
Cognitive processes in spelling, 1980
Autism: explaining the enigma, 1989
Autism in history, 2000


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