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Professor Anthony Snodgrass

Laurence Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology, University of Cambridge

British Academy appointments
Vice-President 1991 - 1992
Member of Council 1989 - 1991


Anthony McElrea SNODGRASS, born London 7/7/34, won a scholarship to Worcester College, Oxford in 1952, but first did National Service with the RAF in Iraq 1953-55. First Class in Mods 1957, Greats 1959, embarked on a DPhil on pre-Classical Greek arms (awarded 1963), but was meanwhile appointed Lecturer in Classical Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh in 1961, later promoted Reader (1968) and Professor (1975). Elected Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology at Cambridge 1976; Fellow of Clare College; retired 2001; Senior Fellow, McDnald Institute for Archaeological research. Took part in excavations at Knossos (Crete) and Motya (Sicily) in the 1960s and the Menelaion (Laconia, Greece) in the 1970s before initiating, in 1979, together with J.L. Bintliff (then Lecturer at the University of Bradford, later Professor at the University of Leiden NL) an intensive surface survey project in Boeotia (Central Greece) which they have jointly directed since then.

His research has remained centred on the pre-Classical centuries of ancient Greece, between around 1100 and 500 BC. He was elected to the British Academy in 1979 and later served as Vice-President (1990-92). As a mountaineer, he has climbed many Alpine peaks, as well as all the 280 Scottish Munros.

Past appointments
Lecturer, Reader, Professor in Classical Archaeology University of Edinburgh (1961 - 1976)
Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology University of Cambridge (1976 - 2001)
Laurence Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology, University of Cambridge University of Cambridge (1976 - )
Sather Professor of Classical Literature University of California, Berkeley (1984 - 1985)

Principal publications
The dark age of Greece, 1971
Archaic Greece: the age of experiment, 1980
An archaeology of Greece: the present state and the future scope of a discipline, 1987
Testing the Hinterland: the work of the Boeotia Survey in the southern approaches of the city of Thespiai, 2007 (McDonald Institute, Cambridge)
Homer and the Artists, 1998


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