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Anti-corruption in the news

Read the latest news stories about anti-corruption measures

Read the latest news stories about anti-corruption measures:

11 January
The Independent: Thailand considers introducing death penalty for corruption

9 January
BBC News: China combats corruption with anti-corruption agency

6 January
Reuters: Brexit could derail UK's anti-corruption push

14 December
Financial Times: Anti-corruption blogger Navalny to run for Russian presidency (subscription required)

9 December
The Times: Britain 'backtracking' in fight on gloal corruption (subscription required) 
Bloomberg: Korea's Park impeached as voters vent anger over corruption

24 November
BBC News: Ukraine urged by EU to tackle corruption

Read the House of Commons International Development Committee's report, Tackling Corruption Overseas (October 2016).

Read Professor Paul Heywoood's article Anti-corruption: bridging the gap between research and policy-making in British Academy Review

Read Professor Paul Heywood's article Panama Papers: why we’re looking at global corruption the wrong way on the British Academy Blog

Read Professor Paul Heywood's article The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI): the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on the British Academy Blog.

Read Robert Barrington's speech Spot the difference: corruption research, academics and NGOs, presented to DFID and the British Academy 29 February 2016

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