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Adam Buick (b.c.1980)

Moon Jar, thrown stoneware, wood-fired, glazed and textured, 2011, Ht 50cm

Moon Jar, thrown stoneware, wood-fired, glazed and textured, 2011, Ht 50cm

Adam Buick studied at Lampeter University and ceramics at the West Wales School of Art, Carmarthen, 2002-3. He set up his studio in Pembrokeshire, where he still works. He is fascinated with the landscape, its influence on human beings and their impact upon it. He was inspired by the Moon jars created in Korea during the Choson dynasty (1392-1910), which were originally made of plain white porcelain. He sees the form as symbolic of the planet, and adds glaze, texture and materials from the landscape in Pembrokeshire. In his own words, ‘My work uses a single pure jar form as a canvas to map my observations from an ongoing study of my surroundings. I incorporate stone and locally dug clay into my work to create a narrative, one that conveys a unique sense of place. The unpredictable nature of each jar comes from the inclusions and their metamorphosis during firing. This individuality and tension between materials speaks of the human condition and how the landscape shapes us as individuals.’ He is represented in several public collections.

Purchased 2011

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